6th Street: The Trailer 1.0

I have committed to removing a 12' x 60' (720 SF) single wide from the property we now own here in Eagle.  There are several ways to remove a trailer:
1.  D-9 Demo (A two pass run with the blade of a D-9)...fast;
2.  I could hire a trailer company to pull the skirt,
     set new tires on the frame, and haul it to the landfill -
     costs money, totally negates embodied energy and
     recycle potential;
3.   Sell it - or as a colleague in Cincinnatti suggested,
      put a "free trailer" sign on it and let someone else do
      the work (pretty good idea actually); or,
4.   De-construct and re-cycle.

I have chosen option 4, primarily because there are two steel beams on the undercarriage that I want and can re-use in the architectural work planned for the cabin and elsewhere on the site.

Admittedly there have been several unsolicited offers to rent the trailer.  It was in decent shape until I got my sawzall out over the last few weeks.  However, the siting of the trailer is in the way of what we want to do.

In looking at the site and wandering it - as I regularly do in contemplation with a fermented beverage in hand - I realized there is a space on the site that will be opened up with the trailer gone that will be very cool under the canopy of a very nice tree on the North side of the lot.  So the trailer is going to be dis-assembled.

I am investigating recycle options as I have a structure that weighs - as nearly as I can calculate - around 10,400 pounds.  I want to find all the recycling options I can...and up here in Eagle there are limited options I am finding.

METALS:  I can recycle all metals.  So electric cable, siding, screws, hardware, are all going to be re-cycled. 

DRYWALL:  I can't find a reasonably close facility to take drywall.  I called the drywall plant in gypsum.  They won't take the used stuff because they are concerned about product contamination.  The drywall appears destined for the landfill.

CARPET:  Nobody up here recycles carpet.  I am trying to find a place in Denver and have not been able to do so.  This material my wind up in the landfill.

INSULATION:  Cannot find a recycler for this material.

WOOD:  Cannot find a recycler for this material.  One problem is getting all the nails, screws and staples out of the material I am removing.  It is a time factor.

WINDOWS:  Removed and delivered to Habitat Re-Store.

APPLIANCES:  The refrigerator got powerwashed out, is sitting in the garage with four boxes of baking soda attempting to mitigate the powerful odor from the appliance.  Will attempt to get it re-cycled by the local utility.  The stove falls under the "METALS" re-cycling category as does the furnace and miscellaneous items. Will track the weight.

CABINETS:  Re-used in the Architect's garage.

So...as I work on this I am logging the materials I am removing, where they are going and approximately how much based on the eye of the architect.

More data to follow.