The Trailer 1.4: The Skeletal Remains

End of day - August 12, 2012
The skeletal remains of the trailer have emerged.  A good friend in Alabama remarked:
 "... This reminds me of what a beached whale looks like after the sharks have had their turn, plus the wolves and polar bears on shore. A little skeleton left."

The dumpster is essentially full.  The remaining studs will more than likely be cleaned up and placed in the materials inventory for future use on site.

In removing the skin of the trailer I have saved some aluminum trim shapes that will make great gutter profiles for the edge of the lean to to help channel rain water into the new garden area.

The studs should be down during the course of the week or Saturday at the latest.

Then the fun begins.

The safety gear is being acquired in order to begin to clean out the underside of the trailer deck.  We have no idea what is under the trailer.  Only part of the skirt has been removed and what was in there was NASTY!  With concerns for rotten wood, black mold and the remains of the nests of mice and other such great considerations...I don't want to breath that stuff.

So, goggles, a respirator that filters organic compounds and probably a disposable tyvek overall will be employed until such time as we have - to our satisfaction - cleaned underneath the trailer...including the removal of the deck.

The deck will come out in sections.  I have a new demo blade for the skillsaw that is eager to tackle the floor assembly.  There is one area of the floor assembly that is in the former bathroom area that is really soft - indicating some pretty rotten substructure underneath.  Judging from what I found in the walls of the bathroom - not surprised.

So...we will bring in another smaller dumpster...get the floor deck out and expose the steel and move to other fun issues with the project. 

I'll provide a synopsis of materials weight here soon.

Final note...this project has generated a significant amount of thirst this summer.  The bottles containing adult fermented beverages have been insulated with bottle covers from my friends at CAD-1.  In the "shameless promotion" category I submit the photo below in gratitude for helping keep the beverages cool after hot days on a dirty job site.

Chris Green