SITE 1.1: The Peonies Arrive

We have accepted a gaggle of peonies to the site.  The agricultural work on the site has begun.

A temporary bed has been created for a bunch of peonies, full white, white and red, pink and Lizzy's Red.  They were lovingly dug up, separated and brought to the site from Washington State.

The rototiller was started up, and after warming up and not having been used for a number of years, performed admirably.

The bed was prepared by tilling down into the dirt about 16 inches...multiple passes with the tiller.  We encountered a few rocks (I call them tiller killers) that have been stashed in the rock storage area we have started.  Two 2.5 cu ft bags of miracle grow potting soil were mixed in to ammend the soil, the peonies were planted, marked and are now resting comfortably on the West side of the garage.  They will be re-distributed as we move closer to setting up planting beds and other flower arrangements on the site.

We have another round of peonies to dig up from another site here in Colorado.  That will necessitate another round of tilling and bed prep.

Fortunately I have taken down the construction fencing both at the trailer and the deck accessing the skeletal remains of the trailer (stay tuned for the "artifacts" blog entry).  So securing the bed from stray small critters will be relatively easy.

Cool peonies are now resident on the site...more plant materials to come...and lots of work on the soil will be done to make it healthier.