Winter approaches, the leaves are falling, the site needs good soil and we now have the ability to organically work toward the goal of nurturing soils.  Compost bins.

These new bins are constructed of materials salvaged from the trailer de-construction.  I saved a number of 2 x 3 studs from the trailer walls.  I used sixteen of them to build the compost bins.  I needed new hardware and wire fabric.  The plywood gussets were also salvaged from the trailer.  The stain came from our local habitat outlet...$5 for a quart of heavy body water based stain.  So, toward the goal of conservation of resources we move forward.

The compost bins will be attended to over the winter, turning them, amending them, adding manure and other great substances toward feeding the site.

We will need a lot more compost to do what we want to do, but we are off to a good start.

As the compost bins do their thing, the peonies slumber in good soil with a comfortable layer of straw mulch to protect them from the coming winter months.

The weather report is predicting lows of 18 degrees this weekend.  The peonies are protected. The compost process is started.  The water is getting shut off today for the winter.  On to planning for the spring construction season.

Chris Green