I watched the sun set at the summer about 8:30 pm, so I made a point of watching where the winter sun sets around 4:15 pm.  It was cold and the fire pit was initiated to warm frosty hands and toes...did I say it was cold?

Some would consider this a ceremonial observation, and in one sense it was, however it was also a true site observation to not exactly where the sun sets.  I verified the location that will help in the study of sun studies in the computer models for cabin windows, solar gain and the future residence.

It is a beautiful site with great down valley views and this particular evening was cold, clear and as the sun disappeared the stars and milky way were revealed as the fire burned down.

I have now observed the full solar cycle.  We get great solar exposure and it will be really great to begin to plan for the construction of the home, take advantage of the solar opportunities and move to the site.