We completed the work on utility infrastructure by installing new electrical and communications conduits.

A new utility junction box was installed on the utility pole by our utility provider that will allow for new conductors to be installed from that junction box underground to the cabin and the new residence - two services. 

Additionally communications conduits were installed to provide flexibility in future communications links providing options for cable / internet / connectivity for both the cabin and new residence.

So the strategy was to provide one electrical conduit to the cabin, rough-in one conduit for connection to the new residence.  Communications conduits were installed from the phone pedestal at the street to rough-in to the new residence and also the cabin.  Conduits were also laid to the cabin to accommodate satellite cable access or pole mounted communications lines.

Finally - as the last portion of the work - we laid a water line for a future hose bibb in the new garden area.

This was a major effort to upgrade the utility infrastructure for the site and prepare for future construction and systems.  

Conduit sizes were coordinated with utility providers, code requirements with electrical conductor sizes and communications cabling.

The idea was to think ahead toward future communications needs and provide a reasonable number of options to help accommodate current and possible future needs to the degree we are able.

The garden portal is next.