Blog Re-engagement

Original Site Condition - 2012

I just spent the last two years building a house.  I did not write anything in the blog about this little endeavor, because - between doing architecture and being a general contractor - I was fairly busy and down time was used to sleep.

So, I will attempt to make up for this lapse with a few new tales, and an overview of the process, and perhaps some perspectives when an architect builds his own house.

In the meantime, summer has hit the #vailvalley.  Temperatures are consistently warm early this year.  The garden is just about set.  Tomatoes, potatoes, cukes, basil, and a bunch of other good, organic food has been planted.  

The grounds are now getting attention and roses have been planted at the street corner.  The lilacs are being trimmed and cleaned up.  The plants we have been saving and nurturing are being prepared to become part of the landscaping.

So, here is the new house.   There will be more to come as I dive into some important aspects of building the house.  For now, it is functioning nicely as we head into the summer.  Cool inside while hot outside - without an air conditioner.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this #architectshouse performs as we head into what appears to be a very hot and dry summer in the central Colorado Mountains.

Chris Green