Our work for this project was to develop a vision for the completion of the landscaping around this Colorado resort residence in Bachelor Gulch, Colorado.

EXISTING PHOTO - BW (2016_02_05 01_45_53 UTC).jpg

Feature 1

Photograph of existing residence prior to development of landscape concepts.

ALIBHAI SECTION CONCEPT - 013011 (2016_02_05 01_45_53 UTC).jpg

Feature 2

Section concept through spa / entertainment / child's play area.

LANDCSCAPE PLAN - COLOR (2016_02_05 01_45_53 UTC).jpg

Landscape concept plan developed in collaboration with Terrill Samura of Samura & Associates.  Features include:  Outdoor spa / entertaining areas, child's play areas, developed and thoughtfully landscaped walkway around the North side of the home, and a new outdoor yoga area.