EAGLE, Colorado

Architect's Residence - Eagle, Colorado


architect as general contractor

Chris Green, FAIA acted as Architect and Contractor for the project coordinating the construction of the residence as well as providing labor to execute electrical, mechanical, and specific finish work and a whole lot of miscellaneous labor for the completion of the residence.  

design strategy

This 1,350 SF residence was designed for the Architect and his wife to be energy efficient, sustainable, and to embrace universal design strategies influenced by Ago Studios' experience in ADA consulting work.   This is a smaller home - as we don't need a huge home.  It is easy to operate.  Attention was paid to indoor environmental air quality to address sensitivities to dust and the dry air of the Colorado climate with humidified and filtered mechanical ventilation.  



Energy strategies include:

  • R-52 Ceiling / Roof assembly
  • Triple glazed windows
  • R-42 Walls (2 x 8's)
  • Careful attention to thermal detailing from the foundation up
  • In-floor heating

Sustainability Strategies include:

  • Design to minimize construction waste
  • Use of steel frame materials from the mobile home that was deconstructed on the site
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy star appliances including the boiler and ventilation equipment
  • Multi-function boiler that heats both the floor and domestic hot water
  • Attention to window location and roof overhangs to address solar gain through the course of the year