I had the opportunity to testify before Congress' small business sub-committee yesterday (05.05.10) while on a trip to Washington, DC.  It is interesting to hear the questions posed by the legislators and note the perception on capitol hill that our economic circumstances are somehow going to be made better by taxes. 

My points:
1.  Don't raise taxes now (we have a sluggish economy and are not seeing the tax income from a more robust economic situation - so let's let the engine warm up before going to that solution);
2.  Focus on policies that address the credit issue because that is holding people on the sidelines more so than tax issues; and,
3.  Don't double tax the S Corporations.

We have a very interesting challenge in front of us as small business people and architects.  The challenge:  communicate clearly, passionately, and thoroughly that the issue we need, as architects, is not so much tax breaks for small business - although that will be helpful - but to get the policies at the federal government aligned so that we have consistent financial guidelines for our clients. 

We need for our clients to feel comfortable about borrowing and understanding the rules of credit.

If you wish to see the testimony I presented as well as the responses to legislators questions feel free to follow the link below:
Opening Statement:
Question 1 Response:
Question 2 Response:
Question 3 Response:
Question 4 Response:
Chris Green