I write this at 9:11p on May 11 as it is snowing outside and the leaves on the trees have decided they are not ready to emerge into the cold mountain air...and I contemplate this thought...would global warming really be that bad right now?

Well, the argument can be made that the place we live in is all about choices; and I did choose to live in these beautiful mountains.  This spring (really?) has extended farther into May than we all (us locals) bargained for.  The Rockies game is postponed to a double header tomorrow and the first game is threatened by a winter storm warning (yes - in May) I ask again...the rhetorical question as we search for our fleece vests and comforters...would global warming be so bad right now?

The short term answer - of course - is no.

The long-term answer:  We all know that answer... the furnace engages!
Chris Green