The Trailer 1.2: The Tarps and the Cat

I pulled the galvanized metal roof off the trailer last weekend as we prepare to remove the walls.  There is a construction axiom:  When you pull a roof off it will rain!  ... and it rained.  Hard.  It is monsoon season out here which means afternoon rains anywhere from sprinkles to deluges. 

So the tarps were installed the next day and it rained again last night...hard.  The tarps held.  They are tied off to the trailer with screws and parachute cord.  I actually fastened a couple of edges to the structure with screws and fender washers.  There is an interesting tie off technique I employed...and it is working.  The trailer got damp...but not soaked, so I can get the drywall off the inside in reasonable fashion. without it all crumbling 

I need some hot, dry weather to dry the place out.  Airing it out will help also.  It is an interesting series of smells when water hits materials that had absorbed things inside.  Needless to say it will be good to finish the deconstruction of this 720 SF structure.

The Cat:

Since we bought the place I have noticed two cats prowling the property.  One is a white calico - a neighbors cat - the other a stealthy gray cat.  The gray cat has my attention.  We know each well as we can under the circumstances.  The cat knows I am around.  I have made efforts to let the cat know I am friend not foe.  It is an interesting process getting to know this critter.

Each Wednesday I take a trash can to the street since we are paying for it.  Filled with construction debris it is another means of disposing of debris.  This morning was no different.

Except, when I went to get the trash can from under the garage lean-to I woke the gray cat up.  Smart cat that one...found a warm, sheltered place to crash.  It (don't know the gender of this cat) got up, stretched, looked at me, meowed, and slowly walked toward the fence and disappeared through the sage. 

This cat has been around a while and hangs out at the property.  I know it's around when the magpies start squawking incessently.  They are brutally harassing this feline.  I suspect the cat has taken some of their colleagues out - for good reason.  I would too. 

So the cat becomes another story line here.

Monsoons will bring more afternoon we head into August it should dry up a little bit.

Chris Green