The Trailer 1.1: The Dumpster Cometh

Last weekend saw the first load go to the landfill in the back of the truck.  Unfortunately I was not able to recycle the carpet or pad up here and a load of trim complete with nails, staples and screws was included in the trip - 420 pounds worth.

Upon my return to my de-construction task I proceeded to remove the bathroom, utility room and kitchen.  I uncovered some moldy areas in the bathroom, a stash of golf balls, a wiffle ball a pink barbie comb and some old dog food under the kitchen cabinets.  I have salvaged a few cabinets for the garage work area.  The granite tile kitchen counter required my 5lb framing mallet, and both my demo crowbars saw action.

At the completion of Saturday's effort I realized the amount of material I had generated had exceeded the capacity of the back of the truck several times over and the time had alternative disposal method is now required...THE DUMPSTER.  It will be delivered Friday morning - a 30 yarder.

In the meantime I will begin taking the stove, furnace, bathtub and water heater to the recyler. the way...per a discussion with my local electrical provider I can also get credit for recycling the refrigerator.  I believe I get a rebate / utility credit and can get a few sheckles for it when I hand it to the recycling agent...will report.

For those that have never uncovered a mobile home structure I submit the photo below of the minimally engineered roof...amazing the thing has lasted for 38+ years actually.