The bones are exposed:  two steel beams with outriggers, the trailer tongue and lateral steel angles spanning between the two beams to hold the beams together.

The original installation clearly was not level.  It was visible from the beginning and the reason for the sway back structure is revealed:  A less than stellar effort to level the trailer when it was brought to site.  My favorite comment from one of the guys that helped remove the platform:
" I really like the shake shingles that were used to sort of level this thing!"

We (those that have been watching this de-construction) have realized how badly sited this structure was and how it's removal opens up the site so nicely exposing the very cool elm tree along the fence.  It is almost as if the site is breathing a sigh of relief..."finally".

The partial summary of weight of materials and materials saved, re-cycled and discarded:
     Two (2) 30 yard dumpsters filled:  12,000+ pounds of materials to the land fill
     Over 1,000 lbs of metal sent to the re-cycling center
Miscellaneous materials thoughts:
     Windows were removed and will be sold and intended to be re-used (weight to be determined)
     The aluminum skin of the trailer (not including skirt) weighed 300+ pounds
     Refrigerator re-bate will be addressed this week (required powerwashing and 4 boxes of backing soda - assuming the baking soda worked)
     Will try to sell the circa 2010 gas water heater....anyone interested?
All the utilities have been capped which fulfills the requirements of the demo permit.  The electrical supply was capped for possible future re-use as a construction power source.  The sewer and water lines capped.  The water line capping is a story in and of itself...with thanks to the Town of Eagle Public Works crews that assisted in finally shutting the water off.

Next steps will be to cut the steel, move it and store it.  We have a great idea for the trailer tongue end of the steel...stay tuned for that one.

More to come....