The last two loads of materials went to the landfill this weekend.  The last recycling run was completed that same day.  The only remaining evidence of the structure formerly known as the mobile home is the skeleton.  The demo permit has been signed off on, utilities capped, site is clean.

It was a good summer.  An architectural summer.

The photo above is the documentation of the re-cycling of the last door.  There were two of these on the trailer.  I was thinking about taking them to the landfill and in a moment of brilliant enlightenment I peeled the aluminum layer off the door to discover it's construction.  The door - spared from the landfill - will become something else in a future life.

The aluminum skin and frame weighed in at 30 pounds (2 doors) at the recycling center.  The door knobs were also taken to recycling.  The cardboard honeycomb filler was taken to the cardboard recycling bin.  Remaining:  the wood which is resting peacefully behind the garage with other wood materials salvaged from the process.

De-construction complete..
Chris Green