BIM Model - Trailer Steel
I finally got a moment to measure and document the trailer steel.  I spent some time last night going through my AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) handbook and then the new database of steel shapes to determine the types of beams, weights and structural characteristics.  

So, why is this computer model important?

For starters I now have a computer inventory of the steel.  

If I want to maintain the integrity of the front end as a portal of some sort (which is a consideration) I can now determine footings / steel design characteristics, and how it will look on site.

If I want to keep the outriggers on the steel for architectural design purposes I have an accurate model of their location, size and nature.

I can also calculate the weight of the structure as I close in on final weight calculations for the de-construction project.  

...and it is pretty fun to rotate a very heavy steel structure on the computer screen to study and understand it's character.

The skeleton is not modeled to represent the wavy nature of the existing state of the steel due to a really lousy mounting / placement job when the trailer was placed on set.  A level mounting was not part of the installation criteria.

So, I have finally gotten to the point I intended to get to when I started the project:  The re-use of the steel skeleton.

The fun begins.