It has been a while since posting on the construction efforts that have been underway on the cabin.  Since the last post there has been a lot of work done and I'm going to attempt to catch up over the next week or so.

When last I wrote I had laid out the rationale for the excavation of the crawl space.  The last post photo shows the floor still in place.  The floor needed to be removed in order to complete the crawl excavation process.

Exposed Original Floor Construction
Unexcavated Crawl Under Bedroom Area
The first phase of the excavation indicated the original construction of the floor at the addition was built directly on the ground.  Clearly done before building codes or building permits in the Town of Eagle.

Upon removing the floor sheathing this hypothesis was confirmed.

In order to complete the crawl access strategy we ascertained that digging down from the top would be the most efficient methodology.  This was - in fact - the case.

As I uncovered the space I found an intrusion of tree roots from the Chinese elms outside the cabin.  Unruly, large, and seemingly owning the area under the floor, the fight was on.  

Crawl Excavation - Initial Phase
Tree Roots Revealed

The first phase of the excavation was done by yours truly.  One Saturday and part of Sunday I removed 125 buckets of dirt from under the joists.  I calculated this to be approximately 3+ yards of dirt.  As sore as I was I figured I would be a candidate for Tommy Johns surgery...that was a lot of dirt to lift and move.  

You might note in the photo above to the left we used some pretty basic techniques - a red radio flyer wagon was employed to haul two buckets at a time to the wheelbarrow outside which then transferred the dirt to the pile.  One wheelbarrow took four buckets, so I moved about 32 wheelbarrows of dirt - initially.

The tree roots are visible above.   They were removed with a hatchet and saws and are drying out by the firepit for this fall's firepit enjoyment.

At the end of this phase, the photo above shows the state of the guest quarters.  The dirt was removed from below the joists to a depth of 16 -20" and the existing condition of the framing was able to be inspected.  This allowed for an inspection of the inside face of the foundation, and began the process of getting control of the area below the cabin.