The phase 2 excavation of the crawl occurred after the floor sheathing was removed from both the bedroom, bathroom and closet.  The important part of this work at the bathroom was to expose the galvanized water piping and old cast-iron sanitary sewer piping that was under the floor joists and not accessible prior to this.  So...if there was a leak in the existing piping it would either be undiscovered for a while (and one of those leaks was discovered) and / or if repair was required the flooring would have to be removed until the piping was discovered.  And there were signs that the floor in these areas had been previously removed to access piping issues.


The  floor sheathing was removed throughout the areas at this part of the structure including the closet area.  This gave a clear idea of the condition of the existing framing.  There was generally good news after being able to review and observe the entire state of framing.  Even though the original framing was essentially laid directly on the ground there initially appeared to be minimal issues such as wood rot or other damage.

I found a beam that had been buried in the ground to support the floor joists.  In the closet area - which is at a corner that collects water on the exterior - the framing appeared initially to be dry and in reasonable condition.  The dirt just past the beam appeared damp and after digging around appeared to be damp due to a leak in one of the galvanized water supply lines.  That line was cut and capped and the dirt dried up.  Without removing the floor and going through this exercise, that leak would have continued and ultimately would have been a problem that may not have been discovered for quite a while.

I then removed a series of floor joists to provide access for the final excavation effort.  

After opening this area up I was able to do an additional effort to look at and inspect the foundation and found that the vertical joints on the West wall had not been grouted with mortar. So, after exposing the exterior side of the foundation and mixing a bag of mortar I pointed the vertical joints with new mortar to seal the foundation.

With some additional support installed at the beam supporting the joists we were ready to complete the crawl space excavation.