It has been a while since the last entry.  There has been a lot of work taking place.

Beginning in late August we took out three trees.  We like trees and this site had a lot of them.

Part of what I do as an architect is assess the site:  It's assets, liabilities, opportunities and options.  As part of the analysis, one tree was in the way of the proposed new residence.  It is no longer in the way.

Two other trees were in the way of foundation excavation.  We had initially determined to eliminate at least one tree to maintain the health of the others.  The second came down to make way for a larger more gracious outdoor living space to be made outside the future kitchen. 

The photo below shows the site just after the three trees were felled.  These trees were then cut and the wood stored on site for future use in the firepit.  The trunks were left a little high so the excavator could get them out reasonably easy.  I didn't want the stumps to remain as food for carpenter ants.

As hard as we try to anticipate the implications of site work such as this there are surprises.  In this case the surprise was a really good one.

The removal of the tree where the new proposed residence will be built completely opened up the sky revealing a big Western Colorado sky for sunsets.  Magnificent.  And the evening stars will also be quite stunning.