Last year when we removed the trailer we were left with a steel trailer skeleton.
Computer model of trailer steel
There was never really a doubt that we would re-purpose the steel.  We just weren't sure exactly how it would be re-used.  Sustainability and re-use of materials has been a key element of this project and the re-use of the trailer steel fit directly into that paradigm.

So one late fall afternoon as we were walking around the site and the steel, my wife Gay turned to me and said, "Why don't we cut the front of the frame off and tip it up as the garden gate?"

There was no other response that was more appropriate than, "WHAT A GREAT IDEA!".

As part of the site prep the trailer steel needed to be cut up.  It was in the way of the new utility trenches that were going to be created for new sewer, electrical and communications conduit to be installed at the site. 

Additionally, the steel - besides the garden gate - is intended to be re-used on part of the structure for the new residence.

So, Gay dusted off her oxy-acetylene tanks and cutting torch and began to take care of the steel structure.  She is a steel girl...disguised by her alter professional life of Senior Administrative Guru for one of the valley's exclusive real estate firms.  She likes steel and metal...and liked this task.  




It was an effective afternoon's work on a warm September afternoon.  The front of the trailer was separated from the rest of the pieces, ready for the next round:  re-positioning the steel and the garden gate (blog entry coming soon!).

Site prep takes a while.  Getting steel cut, moving materials out of the way to accommodate excavation equipment, verifying entry points to a building for new utilities, and miscellaneous important coordination items. 

The steel cutting was fun to watch and a clear sign that progress was imminent.